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Kigtropin Anti-Counterfeit Center


Welcome to the Kigtropin Anti-Counterfeit Center
To ensure all our customers can use our genuine products, Kigtropin provides the following solutions to verify authenticity of the product. Now only need one step, youcan easily do it by identifying the texture of the anti-counterfeiting code on the product package. Please do as the following steps:


Step 1:
Before you open the kit, please make sure that the sticker on the package is intact.
Please observe the sticker carefully, it should include the four elements as below:
Brand name:Kigtropin
Anti--counterfeiting code: the exclusive 10-digital numbers on each sticker
Query web:

Step 2:
If the sticker is intact, please enter the data-texture anti-counterfeiting validation center and input the 10-digital serial numbers on the sticker into the below verification form and press the “Now Verify” button.

Step 3:

Few seconds later after you press the “Now Verify” button, you will see the check result just below the verification form. You can also compare the data-texture appeared on the computer screen with the one on the kit sticker, such as their shape and their position.


If the serial number is correct, it will show "Kigtropin biotechnology produced the genuine!" directly.
If the serial number is not correct, it will show "The anti-counterfeiting code is incorrect, please double-check, beware of imitations!" directly. Anti-counterferfeiting code will only be able to query three times, and record the time each query ! If you have any kigtropin Anti-Counterfeit questions please contact us>>



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