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Cannot without HGH
Promulgator:    Send date: 2/18/2011  

  HGH is a hormone protein secreted by the pituitary synthesis. For half a century, people's understanding of its role limited to promote children's growth, the other is poorly understood. Since the synthetic after the advent of recombinant human GH, many patients that lacks of HGH received HGH replacement therapy. The observation is that, HGH not only to promote children grow taller, but also extensive biological effect, is to protect human life and health, the important factor that guarantee the quality of life.
  HGH is not only to promote bone growth, but also promote the Integration of lipid and Fat metabolism. In addition to short stature in patients with a lack of HGH, the further accumulation of subcutaneous fat, was seemingly plump body, but in reality poor muscle development, showing weak muscle strength, physical deficiencies. This is because lack of HGH, affect muscle protein synthesis. Children dont like activities, especially reluctant to participate in collective projects, a long time getting out from the group, eccentric temperament to produce feelings of inferiority. Adult for the same reason, patients with poor physical fitness, lack of energy and confidence, and often problem occurred at career and spouse, leading to heart damage, mental depression, although not life-threatening, but mental and psychological obstacles to the decline in the quality of life .
   It is confirmed that it is life threatening without HGH,the patient that lack of HGH without HGH replacement therapy, Mortality rate is twice for the same age group who doesnt lack of HGH, and most of them die of cardiovascular events. This is because HGH deficient patients has risk factors of abnormal lipid metabolism, associated with high blood lipids, as atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction. HGH deficiency patients with carotid artery ultrasound, and often can be found, local atheroma plaque, myocardial infarction is closely related with the future. Fairly frequently in patients with heart and brain ultrasound showed ventricular wall thinning, systolic and diastolic dysfunction, resulting in decreased heart function. HGH deficiency can result in visible increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  HGH secretion peak in adolescence, and middle-aged, the age increases gradually reduced synthesis and secretion of HGH, old age has dropped to very low level. The corresponding phenomenon of life to decline from prosperity, quality of life declining.So somebody envisaged  that use HGH as anti-aging preparation. Fractures in the elderly prone to basis of osteoporosis. Also related with the physiological effect of HGH promote bone mineral absorption, bone deposition.
  In summary, HGH lacks not be ignored what on human life and health, quality of life. Patients should take HGH replacement therapy actively.

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