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HGH and its health care effect
Promulgator:    Send date: 2/18/2011  

Increase lean muscle
  HGH through the result of insulin-like growth factor 1 IGF-l's role, can promote muscle cells to absorb amino acid, promoting cells synthesis of DNA and RNA, promoting the absorption of extracellular proteins, while increase the store of carbohydrates and nitrogen. The above results of these effects is to promote the growth of muscle cells and increases cell size, thus increasing muscle strength and exercise capacity and performance. 12 old men accepted Doctor Rudmans clinical trials and their lean muscle increased 8.8% after six month. (Because of this role of HGH, it has been used by athletes and bodybuilders to enhance their muscles and their performance in the past. It cant be identified in the movement organizations drug inspections, unlike the use of anabolic steroids.)
  HGH can help losing weight, HGH can promote the burning of body fat,then transforms it to the energy that body needed. All body cells have hormone receptors, when the HGH and receptors of fat cells joints, the occurrence of a series of enzymatic reactions, making the metabolism of fat cells, this effect is called lipolysis reaction.
Another reason is that HGH and insulin have effect of antagonist, insulin can promote the absorption of cell from fat, sugar and amino acid - as known as fat synthesis, and HGH havs antagonists effect with it, can prevent the accumulation of body fat, HGH Is known as the most effective weight-loss drug, is also the leading role of  different weight-loss drug. Most of the decrease in fat is in the abdomen, buttocks and inside upper arm where  is the most obvious part. Therefore, HGH is the only easiest way of losing fat that patients do not need  calorie counting painstakingly, pay attention to diet type
  HGH can enhance the body's immune system with age, The human bodys immune defense against disease, also decreased, mainly because the body resistance and immunity decline with age. Thymus is the most important organs that create immune system, thymus function is to manufacture and promote the maturity of T-cell lymphocytes. The T cells are the body's most important weapon against disease. Human thymus begins to shrink at the age of 12,when 40 years old shrunk to only one size of dried grapes, to the age of 60 completely disappear. HGH can make the atrophic thymus be restored to its original size, while enabling the body to produce more T cells, more new antibodies, more red blood cells, white blood cells and natural killer cells to fight disease and cancer.The main component  that can eliminate wrinkles, hair regeneration, to keep the skin smooth and detaileds is two proteins Collagen and Elastin together with water. With age, Collagen and Elas-made blood has been reduced, coupled with dehydration trending gradually wrinkles and rough skin came. HGH can promote Collagen, Elastin and other protein synthesis. At the same time through the kidneys to promote reabsorption of sodium and water,  with subcutaneous lean tissue increases, the effect of this together, is to make the skin more smooth, more flexible, and make wrinkles disappear. HGH also promote hair growth is also to make it grow faster, thicker texture of hair, and it will be more black. HGH as above talked on the promotion of protein synthesis; To promote Collagen, Elastin synthesis, together with promoting blood circulation and cell nitrogen content increased. These can promote skin cells newborn and division, to accelerate wound healing.
  HGH can prevent heart disease and stroke, reduce blood pressure in the United States the number one cause of death was heart disease, stroke is the third. High cholesterol and high blood pressure is an important reason of heart disease and stroke. There are good cholesterol(HDL) and bad cholesterol(LDL), HGH can reduce LDL, increase HDL but also to lower blood pressure. Atherosclerosis in the past years of the concept, thought that is caused by Vessel wall attached by Cholesterol clot.Recently
 a new concept that atherosclerosis is a kind of metabolic disease. The key organs is the liver, the liver is the role of cholesterol into bile acid, through the bile duct gallbladder, and then excreted through the intestines. The role of HGH is to increase the quantity of LDL receptors of liver cell.Therefore, it can enhance the role of this metabolism, and the LDL into bile, excreted from the blood.
   HGH can promote myocardial cell growth, HGH makes the increase in the number of myocardial cells in both cell size gets larger, the left ventricular muscle becomes relatively thick. Thus increasing heart stroke volume of blood per minute and each stroke volume. HGH makes the enhanced cardiac function, exercise capacity increased. HGH can also increase a person's lung capacity, can increase the vitality and FEVI, the lung tissue regeneration, improve lung function
HGH can promote and restore memory, to help sleep
HGH enhances sexual performance and promote sexual desire, the male sex organs extend the staying power of sexual intercourse, it is considered as the most effective aphrodisiac known. In the urinary side, HGH will reduce the number of nighttime urinary frequency.
  HGH direct stimulation to promote new bone growth, HGH promote new bone growth while enhancing the use of vitamin D and calcium,  increase the density of the bones and prevent fractures.
Almost every organ in the body, are to update growth, including these organs of  brain, heart, liver, spleen, lung kidney , they are gradually decline with increasing age. HGH makes each organ in re-growth.

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