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Are you also a lack of HGH?
Promulgator:    Send date: 2/18/2011  

Are you also a lack of HGH?

A simple and easy experiment can measure your degree of aging is the so-called "skin elasticity test ": use your right hand thumb and index finger. Pinching the skin of your left hand back for five seconds, and then let go, check  the time required for recovery about the skin goes smooth

20-30 years of age , 0-1 seconds,

40-50 years of age , 2-5 seconds,

60-70 years of age , 10-44 seconds
And also ask yourself, is there the following phenomena?
1, Do you often feel tired when you are working,dont have enough energy?
2,Do you often feel nervous? easily frustrated, or prone to emotional instability?
3,You have regular exercise,and pay attention to the diet, but still overweight, stomach or buttocks, are constantly increasing fat.
4, Do you often feel that your workload is too heavy?
5, your skin is too dry to begin with wrinkles?
6,Do you often forget things, whether the memory label is often necessary to assist your  memories?
7, do you think you look older than your actual age
8,Do you reduce interest in the opposite sex? Hows your sex life

9, your head and neck, medial upper arm and abdomen, it began to highlight?

10 Do you often feel sluggish when you doing sports? got a bad breath during exercise?

11, Do you have Insomnia or cant sleep well,or wake up still tired?

12, do you have high cholesterol problems? or high blood pressure problems?

13, you can easily get sick?

14, you are not easy to concentrate? or not easy to concentrate on thinking?

If you answer most of these questions is "yes", then you have probably a lack of HGH, but the most reliable method is still checking IGF-l levels of the blood, check the content of the HGH in blood is not easy,you should continuously check 2-4 hours, inspect every 20 minutes.

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